AuthorAshutosh Trivedi

Co-Founder and CTO of Spext. Wanders in deep thoughts of science, spirituality and human nature. Often goes to trek Himalayan trails.



In part 2, we discussed human decision making and understood the principle of “Observe and respond” – humans observe their environment through their senses and respond according to their goals. By this principle they gain more decision making power and are able to interact with their environment on a larger scale. We want to create machines with capabilities to interact with the real world. We could apply the principle of observe and respond. To start with this process we can...



Decision Making In Part 1 of Building Intelligent Machines, we discussed that we can define Intelligence as a measure of magnitude of interaction with the world. More the ways or dimensions of interacting with the world, more the intelligence. Decision making is a big part of increasing the dimensions of interaction with the world and understanding how humans take decisions can help us build intelligent machines. Human decision making is based on information. There is a lot of information we...



Imagine a future where you are not stuck in traffic because machines are driving the vehicles, not humans. A future where everyone has a personal assistant to do mundane tasks. A future where industry is more productive and per capita income is rising. That future is already here, just not evenly distributed across the world. Some parts of the world are experiencing it earlier than the others. A big driving force behind this development is advancement of AI technologies.  The impact of AI on...

Rich Content Poor Content


I am a data scientist, and as data scientists our job is to find information in data to help businesses take better decisions. This means finding patterns using a special class of algorithms called Machine Learning. We also create intelligent applications with more decision making power by understanding patterns in this data. To create such intelligent systems, we quickly have to become demanding when it comes to data — it should have the structure suited for mining information. It should be...

We are hiring ( frontend)


what is it? We are looking for a frontend engineer cum designer for Spext.  Spext is a San Francisco headquartered AI voice media company which is making editing, disseminating and sharing voice content very easy. We are innovating and building things for future, a voice first world!   Spext team has built world’s first text based voice editor, and it runs on browser. Check out the product to see it firsthand. It won’t take much of your time. why should I join? We have a big vision and a...

Journey of Voice


Ten years ago, I used to open Facebook to share what’s on my mind. Mostly writing my favorite parts from a pink floyd song. This continued for a while until I became comfortably numb 😐 Later, I saw friends are uploading images of trips, moments, moods, selfies. I also tried to follow the course for sometime but not for long. Maybe I liked saying more than stills. I did it for some years though, at least tried to keep the profile pic updated. But now, whenever I open facebook, I end up watching...