Storytelling & Guest Selection for a winning podcast


Before the pen or the printing press, there were stories – stories of wisdom, ideas and understanding of the world passed down generations through oral history. Around campfires in ancient caves and water coolers in modern offices, voice is and always has been the most natural medium for people to communicate. So, its no wonder that podcasts are a growing medium for people to tell and hear stories.  According to Nielson Podcast Insight, 2017; a whopping 69% of podcast listeners in the age...

Dynamic ads & other creative ways to monetize podcasts


Even 5 years ago, if you asked someone what a podcast was, there was a high chance that they would not understand what you were talking about. During those times, it was quite difficult for the podcasters to earn a healthy income. But time, as they say, is the only constant variable in our world. With time, everything changes. So did the general awareness about podcasts. Podcasts, in the last 2 years or so, have gained momentum. More and more people and brands are getting involved in producing...